Course Reviews
Pros: -Grippy concrete tees
-Deep baskets, changed regularly and in great shape
-Hole design. Excellent use of terrain and plethora of trees. Most of the holes have a ceiling and/or a tunnel to navigate. Hole 11 is an exception. Throw off a 25′ ridge around some tree trunks and tree tops, waaaaay down to either the corner of the course or to the basket atop an elevated pyramid. Great, open shot to mix things up a bit. Most holes utilize a significant elevation change masterfully. Very little fairway crossover.
-Pretty clean park setting. A few bottles here and there, but overall very well kept.
-DG exclusive area. Crowds have never been a problem when I have played.
-Plenty of parking
-One of the best pro shops on a SoCal course.
-Really innovative Red, White, Blue basket system helps finding the proper target a breeze (though the reds and blues are a little tough to see when they are shaded).
Cons: -Pay to play. But the tees are clean, baskets are rotated regularly and maps and scorecards are free, so the $2 seems a small price to pay.
-I can see people having problems navigating the layout. I had a guide the two times I have played this course since the redesign, and i recommend you do the same.
-Missing a few signs on tees.
-Last 2 holes are right along a fence with no holes. It’s a long walk around the fence to get your discs back. 😡
Other Thoughts: This is a course that has benefited greatly from the Rico’s expertise. I played the old layout a handful of times and the newer, tougher layout is much more technical, with far more diverse lines to take off of each tee. Definitely an improvement in design.

They have also elevated the pro shop to an enviable level. The disc selection in the shack is unrivaled in the SoCal DG pro shop world. The busy bulletin boards around the pro shop are evidence of a vibrant local scene.

I really want to come back to Sylmar and spend some time there to get a better feel for the place and the people as their locals have a rep as being some of the friendliest around. I had a similar experience there. Stopped to let some guys play through so I could follow them and they insisted I join them. Incredibly friendly bunch who have my gratitude (thanks, Doug).

This is a tough course that will challenge every aspect of your game. Definitely worth checking out if you are in the area.


Pros: -Many pin positions, changed regularly.
-Alternating red, white, and blue rimmed baskets make course navigation easy for newcomers. I honestly don’t know why more courses don’t do this.
-Variety of holes…3 grass pins at the beginning, dirt and woodchips for the rest.
-Practice basket with markers stating distances.
-Best Pro Shop I have seen in So Cal.
-99% DG exclusive. Non golfers are fully aware of the game if they are walking through.
-Pay to play. Yes, this is a PRO to me.
-Never gets repetitive. Easy, hard, and otherwise interesting shots are all spread out throughout the course.

Cons: -Can get dusty and hot in the summertime
-Large groups (15+) can sometimes be difficult and intimidating to play passed.
-Can get busy, course is not the most spread out that I have been to.

Other Thoughts: Veterans Park is my home course.
The pro shop is great, carrying a ton of discs that are well priced. $2 to play all day, monthly and yearly passes available.  The course can be played almost exclusively RHBH, except for hole #4. Signature hole #11 has an elevated pyramid basket, sometimes. Flat, marked, easy to find and well flowing tees.
A lot of care is put into this course, upgrades and modifications occur regularly.

– Best pro shop I have been to so far in my short disc golf career (Started June 2009) .
– All levels can play here.
– Regular tournaments every Thu before dark, call to get time, and Every third Sat. I am a new player and have yet to try a tourney. There is an ace pool. Gets in the hundreds I am told.
– Holes are varied regularly. I have been playing this course since June 2009 and I still see new holes.
– Excellent acess, easy to find.
– Good bathrooms (near hole 5)
– Plenty of parking.
– Excellent course map displayed on the bulletin board near tee 1.

– Watch out for the fence on hole 6. Throw it over and you will have a long walk. There is a hole in the fence benind basket 5.
Other Thoughts:
– Bring a course map for your first visit.
– They say the pro shop opens at 8am, but this has never been the case for all of my visits. I would say 10am is the average opening time.
– I buy all my discs here. The pro shop is well stocked. I also take my 14 year old daughter and 6 year old boy. Good family fun
– The locals are the best.
– This is my favorite course of all the local courses I frequent.

Pros: Where to start?
– Pro shop: with excellent selection of discs, drinks, snaks, etc.
– Tons of old growth. Beautiful scenery. Kind of stuff we dont have in north Texas.
– Challenging : Plenty of distance for the long bombers. Scenic elevation changing shots up and down hill. You will use every shot in your bag.
– Great Locals!
– Bathrooms, etc etc

Cons: The only con I can think of is that I’m not yet good enough to shoot under par here.
It’s a really fun course to play!
Other Thoughts: I travel for a living and get to play a different course about every week since i started playing about 7 months ago. This is without a doubt one of the top 5 courses i’ve played and the people i met made it the best. Very friendly locals that taught me a lot about the sport and even took me on a road trip up north to play a few courses. I recomend anyone of any skill level to play this course. It will make anyone better. If work doesn’t bring me back to this course, I’ll still be back.

Pros: This course basically plays across a more-or-less gentle slope, with some wooded holes and some clear. Lots of technical shots here but also a few holes where the big arms can air it out. #11, which shoots downhill and #17, which shoots uphill, are both good “D” holes.

The Rico brothers run the course and operate the pro shop. This is an immense “pro”, since not only do they stock a very wide variety of plastic, but they’re also ready and willing to advise on disc selection. They also run periodic clinics for players and will not hesitate to offer technique tips.

They’ve also done a real number on a lot of the tee pads, which are now all level and come with benches and retaining walls as needed. There’s a practice basket and picnic tables near the parking lot, too.

While you’re playing, you can also watch the hang gliders who cruise up and down the thermals in the hills – just a little side attraction you don’t find everywhere.

Cons: With the exception of the first couple of holes, the ground here is very rough. Lots of rocks and bare earth, which means your DX plastic will bear scars.
Other Thoughts: This course was completely redesigned a few years ago when the Ricos took over. I thought it was a good course back then, but now it’s even better.
Pros: differnet terrain. grass, dirt, wood chips, rocks, trees etc. different types of shots required. challange to get to basket without hitting a tree on probably half the holes. close to freeway. disc gold exclusive area. only 2 dollars. map and sign. easy to find next hole
Cons: ending with three uphill holes is a killer
Other Thoughts: goood place to play nobody was there at 6am on a saturday.

Pros: A Well Rounded Course that makes you bring out all your skills. In my opinion, it is one of the best course within an hour drive of LA. It was a very luck based course unless your a pro. Well mantained and it was run by great guys. The Red White and Blue markers made the course very easy to follow. The Pro Shop is awesome and I buy all my disc here. Overall, a great course with a lot of pros. It is also very cheap $2.

Cons: There are few, if any, cons to this course however. It can get really hot in the summer. Also, it can tear up your DX disc and its not in the greatest area. No others that I can think of.
Other Thoughts: This is a course up there with all the courses in the Southern California area.
Pros: Well laid out course that makes great use of the terrain. There is great variation in distances and shot types. Every hole provided a great challenge but there was nothing too difficult to make it annoying. There is is a very high risk reward level on this course as one bad throw makes it really hard to save par. There was a great flow to the course and I really felt like I was out of the city as I was playing this round, a huge bonus for being in the greater LA area. I found all the tee pads to be wonderful, even if they were different on just about every hole. The tee signs were very helpful and the fact that the basket color rotated (Red, White, Blue) throughout the course helped do away with any confusion especially with matching colors on the tee signs. There is a fully stocked pro shop right there in the parking lot with a very helpful owner. This is the home course of Steve Rico and he dose a lot for this course. There are multiple basket locations and they are changed once a week. There will be little to no foot traffic on this course.
Cons: The biggest negative in my opinion is that this a a pay to play course. After that I am really reaching to come up with some negatives. There were a bunch of holes that felt like they were straight uphill. Some of the baskets were not consistent with the rest of the course having either stiff chains or a shallow basket. Even though this course plays through the trees, it can still get very hot. It was somewhere in the 80’s when I played and coming up the hill near the end felt like it was much hotter than that.
Other Thoughts: After just playing a couple of rounds this course may actually have become my favorite course in the greater LA area, even over La Mirada, where I have over 100 rounds. The care that goes into this course is amazing and the only thing that maybe keeps this course at the same level as La Mirada is that it is only 18 holes and you have to pay $2 to play. I loved the fact that I really felt like I was somewhere besides in a city park with only a couple of holes playing over grass. Otherwise it had the feel of a mountain course to some extent, especially when considering the fact that you really have to choose the right line and then hit it. There are some very tight holes on the course. I do not know what to say about thrower traffic for this course. There was almost no one there as I played on a monday late morning and early afternoon but I am sure that a gem of a course like this will get a lot more traffic. I heard that there was also a temp course set up for a recent tournament that is super challenging and amazing in its own right, if only they could make it a second permanent course here.


Pros: Great use of the terrain, has a natural flow. Losta elevation changes. Tight, Open, Long, Short, Lefts, Rights shots. Brings all the skills out. By far my favorite course in the greater LA area.

Ingenious use of alternating Red, White, & Blue Teesigns and Holes (makes following the course easier). Accurate and good signage. Excellent teepads, all concrete and large.

Has a excellent pro shop with really friendly, good people runnin’ it. Great plastic for sale at reasonable prices. As well as the rest of the gear and refreshments and snacks. Restroom is centrally located in the course and clean. All holes have benches and trash cans.

The Course Is Disc Golf Exclusive!!!

Cons: Not any that I can think of……. A must play if your anywhere near the course!!!!

Some rocky terrain that will chew up your DX plastic, my Star stuff does pretty good…… But that is just pouting, not a real con.

Other Thoughts: Can’t say enough how great the people are that I met. From the shop to all the people playin’.

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